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AKD Stand Up Paddle Board Using Skills in Winter

Posted by MaiHaoping on
AKD Stand Up Paddling Board using skills in Winter

Learning some using skills in winter, which can make your board more durable and can be used for a long time.

AKD Stand Up Paddling Board using skills in Winter

1. Playing skills
1)The first step is to check the pressure of your surfboard, especially if you have inflated and stored it for a while.
2)Then using double-action pump to pump it to 15 PSI as your board will sit higher in the water and offer improved stiffness and glide as you paddle in the winter.
3)Must Wearing a life vest and leash.
4)When you have already finished playing the board and ready to pack it, don't release all the air, should leave 2-3PSI in the board, because the PVC will become very hard in lower temperature.
5)Then when you come back home, in a higher temperature, and the PVC temperature rise too. Then can release all the air, and pack it better.

2. Packing skill
Winter long-term storage (Room temperature between 10-20℃). Pump slightly (about 3 PSI) and lay flat on the bottom. En-lengthen your boards lifespan with PCV creme once a year before winter storage. (available in boat-shops)

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