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AKD Sea Lion Stand Up Paddle Board

High quality Stand-Up Paddle Board for beginners and advanced, suitable for paddling on lakes, rivers and oceans. Size: 310 cm x 81 cm x 15 cm.

AKD Inflatables

Based in Berlin, the company has many years of experience in the design of iSUPs and a professional team. The company strives to provide with the public the latest technology and quality as well as affordable water paddle products.

High-quality EVA non-slip cotton

Each EVA is tested for use on the product and connected to the board by automated robots.

Each Paddle Board has its own ID-Code

The design is perfect and the board is made of environmentally friendly materials and advanced production technology, which is the first choice for environmental protection.

Key Features

High-quality pressure and ventilation valve with high compressed air for longer service life and safety.

The pressure we use is the advanced technology, which is also resistant to UV and sea water, so the pressure can be kept for a long time.

The stainless steel D-ring is made of 316/304 stainless steel with strong rust resistance, which is mainly used TO connect to the leash.

The handle is reinforced, so you do not have to worry about damaging the handle.

The seams of the board are very smooth and the adhesive that is used on the board consists of seawater-resistant and UV-repellent adhesive.