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How to get back to a SUP after a fall

Posted by MaiHaoping on
Wie man nach einem Sturz wieder auf einen SUP zurückkommt
Like any other sport, paddleboarding requires practice in order to achieve perfection in paddling, especially in handling the SUP. Whether you are a beginner or a professional,you will have to stand out from the SUP at some point. In this case,it's not a question of it,but when ,so you need to be ready. This article shows you how to get back on your SUP after falling down.
1. Position yourself correctly
After falling from SUP, don't panic, but position yourself correctly and go back to SUP.
Make sure that you are in the middle of the board (where the handle is), because this is the most balanced part of the SUP. If you take this part with you,you will return to your SUP successfully. 
2.Use your dominant hand to pull SUP. 
When you are in your best position, the next step is to pull yourself up. Pull yourself up with your dominant hand, and fix it with your other. It is important to note that if you are left handed the right side is best to climb onto the SUP, while if you are right handed the left side is best to climb back onto the SUP. 
When you want to pull yourself back to SUP, make sure that your main hand passes through the chessboard and reaches its center line. You can use other counterbalancing and board support options, such as trying to reach the rail above the SUP and then carefully pulling yourself up, or you can hold on to the handle (if you have a wide board). When you pull yourself up, your other hand should help keep the paddle in place. 
3.Take a comfortable sitting position
When you pull yourself to a position where all the weight of your upper body is above SUP, swing your legs around the sides of the board and bring yourself to a position where you can sit down.  
4. Get Up slowly
You have to be very careful here. Start by dropping the paddle over the board, then slowly shift your weight forward and put your soles off. Stand up carefully, and you will succeed again on SUP. 
It is important to note that even the best will fall off their SUP. Therefore, as a beginner, it is not surprising if you fall more than you can calculate. When this happens, never give up. Instead, insist on practicing until the day you perfect the art. Enjoy the process instead of seeing it as a difficult task. At any time, you will find that you have fully perfected this art and can help others to learn. 
Alternative way to get back to your SUP after a fall
If the above method doesn't work for you or seems a little complicated, you can try the alternative method below: 
Swim to the back of your board
Bring yourself into a position where you are at eye level with your tail and can look directly at the SUP
Choose a side that fits you, then grasp the stern while pushing the board down so your body comes out of the water as the stern is submerged.
Continue sliding the board down until you can sit on its end.
Gently slide it back onto your paddle board.
All of a sudden, whether you are a beginner or an expert, you have to fall off your SUP. However, it is more difficult for beginners to find their way back to their SUP than for experts. This requires perfecting skills that will help beginners get to their SUPs efficiently with the racket. This article walks you through a step-by-step procedure on how to get back to your SUP after a fall, and has shown an alternate method in case the first one doesn't work.

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